There are now reports that U.S. intelligence agencies aren't sharing sensitive information with the Trump White House...because they're afraid they can't trust Trump's crew from blabbing to the Russians.  This sad joke of an administration is beginning to show it's cracks. Just in case, here's the way the succession of executive power would go in case Trump is, in the terms of his many beauty pageants, "unable to fulfill his duties".

I'll include the name of the person and a fun factoid.

Just stop reading when you get to a name that you feel comfortable with. And, sorry, Kiefer Sutherland's name doesn't show up anywhere on this list.

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    U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence

    Minuses: Staunchly anti-gay rights, believes global warming is a "myth."

    Pluses:  Not an obviously insane, orange-skinned buffoon with narcissistic personality disorder.

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    U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

    An uncontroversial, wonkish policy nerd who is in insanely good physical shape. Basically, the exact opposite of Trump. (And this, friends, is where I jump off. Ryan would be a good steward of the executive office).

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    U.S. Senate Pro Tem Orrin Hatch

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    U.S. Sec. of State Rex Tillerson

    If Donald Trump has a crush on Vladimir Putin, Rex Tillerson is Putin's actual boyfriend. 

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    U.S. Sec. of the Treasury Stephen Mnuchin

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    U.S. Sec. of Defense James Mattis

    Yes, the "Mad Dog" guy. A president with a name like "Mad Dog" should show the Russians whose boss. Oh, right ... I forgot. Putin's the boss. 

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    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    His middle name is, unbelievably, "Beauregard" and when he talks he actually sounds more like Col. Sanders than any of the actors they have trying to impersonate him.