So I was sitting here thinking about all the great bands that we will never see together again to even share the stage just one more time and I'm not referring to bands that say lost a member but those bands that for some reason hold grudges for decades.

There's a bunch of them out there, most notably, CCR, Pink Floyd, KISS, Journey and we won't even go into all the 80s bands and of course there are countless others that no longer want to even be in the same room together.

I understand all the things that cause these things to happen, money, artistic differences, etc..but really?  Can none of those bands say hey guys maybe we do one thing for the people that got us where we are today?

So there is my rant, on a personal level do I care if any of those bands share the stage together again, not really but there are a lot of people who would love to see any of those mentioned bands play together just one more time.

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