So my boss at my big girl job came into my office and said “hey, I’m gonna be out for a while today, apparently I need to head up to the police department and clear up these charges…” Then he plays a message on his phone that sounds like a lady, trying to sound like a computer, who also doesn’t know English very well, telling him that he has “charges on him” and that he “needs to report to the police” and that if he will “comply fast” that he can “clear these unlawful charges on him”. Honestly, I’m feeling a bit left out, it’s like I never EVER get these kinds of calls and I really wish I would! The best thing that could happen to me one afternoon, other than being gifted my very own neon pink, winged unicorn that pooped fat free nachos and made me mixed drinks whenever I wanted, would be for one of these scam people to call me. I’ve always wanted to mess with someone calling trying to run a scam like this. In fact, the next time one calls you could you give them my number? Until then be advised that the Odessa Police Department has had some complaints about a phone scam with someone calling and pretending to be an OPD officer. Since my boss at my big girl job is getting calls I think it’s safe to say they’re trying the scam out here in Midland too. The caller is phoning people saying they have not shown up for “Grand Jury” or they have a “Failure to Appear” warrant. They may also include that they owe money and need to either stay on the line or press a button or call a number back in order to clear their name or avoid more consequences. The Odessa Police Department and I’m sure most law enforcement agencies anywhere would advise if you get one of these calls, do like you do when the ex calls….just hang up.

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