Roope Latvala (seen at far right) joined Children of Bodom in 2003, becoming the band's third rhythm guitarist, and he remained with the group until 2015. His dismissal came as a surprise to many, including the guitarist himself, who recently spoke out about his feelings concerning the split.

Talking with Finland's YLE (and transcribed by Blabbermouth), Latvala says he feels "stabbed in the back" by the group and that he didn't receive an explanation. The band was just about to start their I Worship Chaos album when Latvala was informed his services were no longer needed on the day that sessions were to begin.

"I really felt stabbed in the back by those guys," says the guitarist. "I've been bitter at those guys. I was fired without an explanation."

Latvala says that after he was let go, he fell into a major depression, started focusing on drinking and didn't touch his instrument for two years. "I couldn't touch my guitars. It was as if it was forbidden for me to play guitar," says the musician. However, Latvala has reportedly turned a corner and recently dug out "a couple of Les Pauls" and started composing a whole bunch of new tracks.

Upon Latvala's exit, the band welcome Janne Wirman's younger brother Antti to play guitar at some of their shows, with Daniel Freyberg eventually being called upon to fill the spot.

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