Can you play guitar? If so, think about what age you picked up the instrument and just how long it took before you were able to solo. Odds are, when you were 10 years old, covering anything by Joe Satriani was simply out of the question as you played along to beginner staples like "Smoke on the Water" and "Iron Man." It's a different story for Jeremy Yong, who tackled some of the otherworldly fretwork of the Satch classic "Surfing With the Alien."

The first portion of the video offers up a highlight that comes in full later in the video, showcasing the insane pick-tapping skills possessed by Yong. The size of the guitar itself poses its own set of difficulties as the kid contorts his fingers around the frets of the full-bodied axe.

Before getting into the more advanced sections of the song, Yong pulls off a flawless five-fret stretch, just barely getting his pinky down on the third fret. The dexterity here is astounding as the little one accents his playing with all the right string bends and whammy dives, which would undoubtedly draw high praise from Satriani himself. Completely comfortable behind the guitar, Yong plays with feeling, getting into the wah-dominated portions of the song, scrunching his face with the notes — a true sign of a real rock guitarist.

It isn't the first time we've seen kids completely lay waste to songs by some of the world's leading guitarists and it certainly won't be the last. Remember when we reported on 11-year-old kids covering Children of Bodom songs and Yngwie Malmsteen's "Vengeance?" This will never get old!

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