This is not a drill. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives. My 16 year old officially has his license. He passed his drivers test with a 96%, but I think they need to re-test. I've been in the car on several occasions where he damn near killed me lol. I'll be honest. I haven't been looking forward to this day. I lucked out because Covid delayed him getting his license. Now, the day is finally here. My little boy is driving. Now, every time he goes out I will do nothing but worry about him getting into a wreck. Noooooooooo! I wasn't ready! Someone please give me advice. I'm freaking out just thinking about him out there with all the A-hole drivers in the Permian Basin. It's a different ball game from when I was 16 and driving around Odessa. People in this area drive like complete idiots now. They aren't as considerate as they used to be. Everyone drives like they just don't care about the person next to them getting home safe. There was no texting and driving when I was a kid. Hell, there were no cell phones. If you're reading this, please drive safe and keep in mind that people's kids are out there. It's not just some moron in the car next to you. It may just be an innocent kid making mistakes because they haven't been driving long. Please be kind to my little boy Permian Basin.

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