Then & Now: The Cast of 'Game of Thrones'

Since its genesis in 2011, Game of Thrones has become a universal phenomenon, giving rise to an army of dedicated fans and watchers alike. With Season 6 coming to a close earlier this year and the seventh underway, it’s evident that the characters on the show have come a long way since the first episode.

George R.R. Martin’s medieval series didn’t just revolutionize epic storytelling; it kicked off and transformed the careers of many actors on the show. For Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Maisie Williams, GoT afforded them their first roles, which earned the stars their respective Emmy nominations for their work.

If you’ve been waxing nostalgic for the olden days of the cast's humble beginnings, we’ve got you covered. From 2011 to now, we’re taking you down memory lane to see just how far your GoT favorites have come since the show's inception.

Check out our gallery above to see what actors Harington, Clarke, Williams and others from the show are up to these days.

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