It's Monday. There's nothing fun about that, but maybe I can still cheer you up a little bit with these great pet costumes. I mean, it's really hard to frown when watching other people harmlessly torturing their poor pets via humiliation. At very least, take 5 minutes out of your day to have a little laugh. You never know, it could actually keep you from going over the edge and smacking the living hell out of the boss....unless she's a woman. Wait, is it ok to want to smack your boss if she's a female and you're a dude? Preeeeeeety sure that's still not cool. Well there I went and found a new reason for a dude to have a sex change. Your boss is a female and the only way to justify fighting her is by getting a sex change. Hey, I'd be lying if I were to say I never had a female boss who could make that sound like a tempting offer....but I'm getting off track. Here's puppies in cstumes.

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