Patrick Adams Jr., of Great Falls, Montana asked a couple of friends to help him move. These couldn't have been too close of friends because they'd never actually been to his house before. So it's understandable that they wouldn't pick up on the fact that it wasn't even Adams' home, and the were actually helping him rob the place.

One of the friends didn't remember Adams having ever served in the military, but noticed a wall with military medals hanging from it. While the friends aren't going to face any charges, Adams is looking at up to 30 years in prison and $100,000 in fines.

Just how much did they "move" out of the house? TWO full U Haul trucks. How did they get caught? After the job was done, the real home owner called 911 because his house had been robbed. Witnesses in the neighborhood said they had seen a U Haul truck out front earlier in the day. The police then checked with the local U Haul joint, and saw that a truck had been rented by a man known as RP. This man said he owed a friend a favor and had rented the truck because his friend didn't have a valid driver's license. Turns out that friend was Adams, and they had just robbed an entire damn house.

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