An Albuquerque man accused a stripper of stealing his cell phone. Then he got his bow and arrow out.

Katniss Everdeen has nothing on this man. At least when he's looking for his cell phone.

An Albuquerque man was arrested after a night out at a strip club ended with him being arrested. 36 year-old Jason Ross was out at TD's Gold Club in northeast Albuquerque early Wednesday morning when the incident occurred. An employee of the strip club said that Ross was "obtaining services" at the strip club around 2 a.m. when he started accusing the strippers of stealing his cell phone. After not finding his phone, he became even more irate and told the stripper that he was "going to come back and kill you" and walked out of the club.

It seems like that would have been the perfect moment for employees of the strip club to lock the doors, or at least watch the customer to see what he was doing. Instead, employees allowed Ross to go to his truck and pull out a bow and arrow from the vehicle. Employees were unable to close the door of the club when Ross came back to the club (this is where locking the door beforehand would have come in handy), and he re-entered the club. He walked into the club and according to witnesses "raised the bow and arrow and drew it back like he was going to fire the arrow." Thankfully for the employees inside, he didn't shoot the arrow and instead left the club. Unfortunately for those on the road though, Ross got behind the wheel of his vehicle and got into a crash after leaving. He was arrested. No word yet if Ross was able to find his phone. I'm hoping it was in his pocket the whole time.

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