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How is this even real?

So last weekend the oblivious, inconsiderate, perfectly normal teenager who lives with us broke, not only the garbage disposal but the garage door as well. An hour or so of yelling and scolding later we called the warranty company to find out if either or both were covered (they were), turned in the claims and waited for the call from the contractors the warranty company assigned to set up appointments to have them fixed.
Easy peezy right? Actually kinda…. Someone from an overhead door company called on Monday to set up and appointment to send a technician to look at the door. A lady called me Monday at 8:45am, she told me who she was with as soon as I answered the phone, asked if Tuesday between 1pm and 4pm would be ok, I said that would be perfect then made sure to get her number and the name of the company before I hung up. “Damn, that was easy” , is what I was thinking considering all the problems we had last year with claims and the warranty company. Tuesday rolls around and the teenager calls at around 9:15am to say that the guy that’s going to fix the garage door is here and he wants to know if we want it fixed or replaced. Asking a question like this when it’s obvious only a simple repair is required is something I’m familiar with and indicative of companies that are contracted by warranty companies. They do stuff like this because they know there are only certain things that the warranty company covers and by going outside those boundaries can result in them making more money basically. They also know that there’s a good chance the home owner won’t realize this and by the time the warranty company explains to them why they have to pay more than the customary 75$ service fee the work will already be done and it will be too late.
As I was saying, I told the teenage to tell the guy just to fix it and be sure to get ahold of the man of the house to find out if he needs to come to the house to sign anything ect…
Not long after lunch the man of the house calls me and asks me to send him a screen shot of the number that called me to set the appointment. I figured he just wanted to call and make sure everything was taken care of. He calls me and says he called the number I gave him and they told him they hadn’t called me and that they hadn’t sent anyone to that address and she didn’t know what he was talking about. Ummm….What? It shows right there on my phone that the call was incoming and when we call that number back their company is who answers so how can that be? As of today, according to this company that was contracted by our warranty company, they haven’t called to set anything up and no one from their company has been sent to the house.
So does that mean some nice Samaritan who knowns how to fix garage doors and happens to have the tools and equipment to do so just laying around in his vehicle, happened to see that our garage door needed some repairs and decided to knock on our door at random and fairy godmother the problem? I mean, obviously not but then who the hell was at our house fixing our door? When the man of the house spoke with the gentlemen who worked on the door he said he would be gone by the time someone got to the house to take care of the bill so he would just mail us an invoice.
Guess we will have to wait and see…..

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