Dads can pretty much do it all.

From a young age, we learn to look up to our dad as a model of who we want to become. For girls, your father is the measuring stick for every other guy in your life. Dads teach us. Dads show us the way. And when it comes down to it, dads can be pretty damn awesome when they want to be.

Take for instance this dad, who was at the Colorado Rockies-San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball game in San Francisco with his young child on Father's Day on Sunday.

He was walking up to his seat from the AT&T Park concourse when a baseball was hit in his direction.

Did he freak out?  No chance.

He just casually put his hand up, snagged the home run ball and kept walking to his seat like a boss. Oh, did we mention that he was carrying his young child in the other hand?

Nothing can stop this dad!

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