Only going to school four days a week would have been a dream come true when I was a kid. When I was a kid the idea of year-round school was being thrown around but never only going four days a week.

We all know the pandemic has changed so many things for everyone. With the challenges of virtual learning, lower attendance, and staff shortages a few schools have decided to try only going four days a week.

Mineral Wells, just west of Fort Worth, was the most recent school to announce to they would be trying out a four-day school week. One of the main reasons Mineral Wells ISD began looking into a four-day school week was because they lost 10 teachers in one day.

How would this four-day school week work? The schools that are trying out this four-day week calendar are changing start and release times by 10-20 minutes each day. Some of the schools are also offering tutorial-type days on Fridays or offering an additional school program for those who are needing childcare on Fridays. The school year will also be extended by three weeks and their summer break will only be 11 weeks.

Other Texas schools that have decided to move to a four-day classroom week are Chico ISD, Tioga ISD, and Spring Creek ISD in the Panhandle.

Would you like to see a four-day school week here in West Texas? I am sure most students would like to only attend school for four days but what kind of impact would that have on working parents? It would probably bring a lot of challenges.

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