Six Flags in Arlington, Texas is a once or twice a summer road trip for many in East Texas. I can remember as a kid and teenager in the 1980's into the 1990's having to raise money doing odd jobs for a church trip to Six Flags every summer. As a young adult, and even now as a semi-grown adult, I still love a road trip to Six Flags so I can get another thrill from the Texas Giant, Shockwave and many more. Those summer plans may change for some families as the CEO for the park wants to increase ticket prices to be less of a "day care for teenagers."

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...we only got the discounter, or we became a day care center for teenagers.

That quote is from Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul during a recent earnings call.

Those are Some Harsh Words

Selim Bassoul was named the new CEO of Six Flags around December of 2021. He believes that the park has too many discounted tickets and is filling the park in the wrong way. These beliefs are based off a 5% drop in revenue during the second quarter and a net income drop of 36%.

So What is the Plan Going Forward

The park wants to increase the ticket price so that it attracts a family that is willing to spend more money inside of the park. The park also plans to expand it's annual Fright Fest around Halloween and introduce an Octoberfest.

Here's What I'm Getting from All This

I'm not going to say what I really think but I don't like this "aggressive strategic shift" and think it could backfire and make the park a less affordable day of entertainment many families enjoy. We'll see.

Despite my negative feelings towards these comments, I will still find a moment to enjoy some time at Six Flags. Why? Because its fun. That's what these parks are about and should be about. Below you'll see some recent videos where we got to try out some of the newer Six Flags rides the day they opened.

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