Buzz Question -  So, my girlfriend has a little rule when it comes to her car. She basically has told me...No, You Cannot Eat In My Car! Grab some fast food...can not even grab a FRIE from the bag, no kidding!  NOT even  Soda can or cup with lid! And get this...we have a road trip planned in her car....and NOPE cant eat food in her car. I'm just wondering if anyone else has to deal with this, because I do!

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That's kinda psychotic, actually. I didn't realize fries made it to see the inside of people's homes.

Same here, NO FOOD in the car!

She belongs to the streets than

Yeah tried that for awhile when i got my truck. Didn’t last long. Just not practical

I respect that but not on a road trip that just crazy. I would offer to take my car and tell her she can’t eat in it.

Get a rental


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