Birthday's don't have to only be fun for the person celebrating their birthday.  Although, calling spending an hour in the hot sun, tediously taping and covering a full size truck is a bit of a stretch. Our friend Justin's surprise birthday party held far more "surprise's" than he was ready for.  Happy Birthday you're friends are a**holes! Lucky for us he already knew that.  Oh, did I forget to mention we filled his vents with glitter, closed the ones on the passenger side and had them on high for when he finally unwrapped his truckatatoe? Yeah, that happened.  Personally I think the guy in just his underwear and boots was the real icing on the cake, but most of the attendees would say the actual icing on the actual cake was the highlight of the festivitiess.....I can't post the picture of the cake, let's just say it was very "two girls one cake" of us.

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