Though Black Sabbath have taken their final bow as a touring and recording act, guitarist Tony Iommi remains busy with plenty of plans ahead of him. In a new interview, Iommi revealed Black Sabbath will be releasing a documentary on their final shows in Birmingham, as well as a possible live album. Iommi also mentions a potential solo album, for which he has “bags” of riffs.

NBC recently caught up with Iommi to discuss his contribution to the choral composition “How Good It Is” that the guitarist wrote for a cathedral in his hometown of Birmingham. "It really wasn't anything to do with religion," Iommi said. "I don't follow any religious path… religiously. It just seemed like a nice thing to do. It was really nice to work with a choir and to do something for our city."

Along with penning a piece for the CSI television series, Iommi himself is currently mixing the sound from the final Black Sabbath gigs in Birmingham, but not just for a possible live album, it’s for a full-on documentary. "We'll actually be doing a documentary," he said. "My job at the moment is to have a listen to what we've done."

With Black Sabbath finished in the studio and Ozzy Osbourne setting the stage for a potential solo album and tour, Iommi is pondering a new solo album for himself. We haven’t gotten an Iommi solo LP since Fused came out in 2005, and the legendary guitarist says he’s got “bags” ready for the prospective solo release.

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