Ah, Florida. We can always count on you for a wacky crime story.

Over the past weekend two men (unnamed) went to a party in Fort Walton Beach.

When they left the party around 3 a.m., they caught a ride with two women who were at the party. Namely, 26-year-old Shelly Adair and 26-year-old April Garcia-Bonilla.

Once they got to the guy's place the two women propositioned them for sex. The men declined the offer. So Shelly and April responded by...ROBBING THEM!

A knife was pulled and the men handed over $200 in cash. The women then fled the scene but police were able to track down their car and arrested them for armed robbery.

Now, when you hear a story like this you might assume that the two women weren't exactly Victoria's Secret models. Or even Lane Bryant Catalog models for that matter.

Well, you shouldn't just assume something like that. I mean, you can check out the mugshots and confirm it.