During the holidays we all know that it's more than just the gifts under the tree but what you do for others around you, whether it family or friends the best part of the season is doing for others in the most selfless way

For my the most selfless thing I have ever done was when I was ten years old, my grandparents were robbed and in addition to a few minor things that were taken the thieves took all of the Christmas gifts.

I remember my grandpa was so angry and my grandmother was terribly upset and I felt so bad that I took all the money that I had been saving for who knows what, it was only like twenty dollars but I gave it to them to help repurchase gifts for the holidays.

Of course my grandparents had the money but at ten I knew that it was the right thing to do and the feeling that it gave me was honestly better than any gift that I could have ever received.

Ever since that moment I have always loved giving even if I didn't have it, it's the true meaning of the holiday.

I would love to hear your selfless holiday moment.