First An eSports Arena Now This, Texas May Build Cricket Stadium

There was a lot of discussions when it was announced that an eSports arena was being built in Texas. Now, a cricket stadium may be in the Lone Star state's future. About one year ago, it was announced that the biggest eSports arena in the US was being built right here in the Lone Star State. The construction was to begin on the brand new $10 million dollar, state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot stadium right in the heart of Arlington's Entertainment District. People were excited that a city as big as Arlington was ready to embrace the fast-growing eSports industry, but some wondered if a new stadium was really necessary. Now there is another sport hoping to make its way into Texans hearts enough to open their wallets and attend.

Now it looks like the city of Allen, a suburb of Dallas wants to bring in a sport that is already extremely popular in South Asian countries. The city is already home to the Eagle Stadium, an 18,000 seat football stadium for their high school football team (no joke) and now they have submitted a proposal for a brand new multi-use complex that will house stadium?

The proposal is asking for a $500 million dollar complex that will have at the heart a 15,000 seat cricket stadium. It will also be home to training facilities, offices, residential space, and retail space. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, behind soccer, and Allen wants to get a piece of that international action and money. Could Cricket become the next big sport in Texas or even the United States? I think it's a far-fetched dream but bringing in more diversity to the state is always a good thing. Just don't build that Cricket stadium around here, unless that means it's a guarantee we get to have a WWE PPV in my city. Then I'm all for it.

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