We all love a good themed 5K run. From tutus, superheroes, color blocking, paint and everything in between, we love them! But Chuck Norris may have the best one coming up here in Texas. There was a time in all of our lives where you couldn't go anywhere without seeing or hearing a Chuck Norris joke. The man is a myth, a legend and everyone loves the martial arts icon.

Now Chuck Norris wants to gather a bunch of people dressed up as Chuck for a fun 5K run that could break a world record. In other news, there is apparently a world record for most Chuck Norris look-alikes together at the same time. You really can break a world record at almost anything. On May 4th in College Station, Texas Chuck Norris will be hosting the "CForce Chuck Norris 5K." At this event, they will be attempting to break the world record for the most people dressed up as Chuck Norris. There isn't a specific Chuck they're looking for so be Walker Texas Ranger, Way of the Dragon Chuck or maybe even Total Gym infomercial Chuck! Whichever Chuck is your favorite, this is your moment to dress up like him.

Registration for this 5K is $30 right now for the Adult Early Bird Registration price, but the price does go up as the event gets closer. Your registration price includes a Chuck Norris 5K t-shirt, fake beard and a Chuck Norris belt buckle. At the end of the race, Chuck Norris will be there to give you a high five but the website warns,

"Organizers are not responsible for any injuries that might occur from allowing Chuck Norris to give you a high five."

This is a family-friendly event and kids are encourages to sign up as well!  There will also be prizes for the best Male and Female Chuck Norris plus best kid's version of Chuck Norris. There is also an Afterparty where racegoers and spectators can enjoy some of Chuck's favorite food and drinks. You can read more about this event at the Austin360 website.

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