A fire breather performing at a pep rally at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, Fla. wound up getting burned when he caught fire during his show on Thursday. He went to the hospital. His condition is unclear.

Seven students also went to the hospital, complaining of breathing problems.

(Note NSFW language and content of these videos)

The performer has been identified by the Palm Beach Post as Ricky "Inferno" Charles. The paper also said his face is what caught fire, with the flames fanning on there for 10-15 seconds.

Charles spoke with WPTV about what happened, blaming  the whole thing on a new type of oil he used. "When I did my blast with this new oil, the flame trickled right back down to my face. It caught my face on fire, which is a new thing to me. And that's when everything just went crazy."

No students were burned, which is obviously good news. Still, the school is going to have some questions to answer since the decision to allow fire on campus is reportedly a"direct violation of district policy."

The district plans to investigate the incident.

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