BabyMetal is hitting hard with the group’s new video for “KARATE.” In a Dragon Ball Z style fight scene, the teen trio take on skull-faced adversaries in a fight to the death.

“KARATE” is the second infectious track released from BabyMetal’s upcoming second studio album, Metal Resistance. The song is undeniably catchy and charming thanks to some fantastic instrumental work along with a chorus that’ll take your eardrums hostage for the foreseeable future.

The focus of “KARATE” is mainly on the three BabyMetal vocalists, though their opponents appear often adorned in battle gear that’d make Scorpion from Mortal Kombat quake in his boots. With some supernatural help from the Fox God, the girls fight in the dark battleground using dance moves. Just as the girls look like they’ve been defeated, they help each other up and come out victorious during the song’s final chorus and triumphant outro.

April 1 has been declared ‘Fox Day’ in the BabyMetal world. On Fox Day, Metal Resistance will become available worldwide and BabyMetal will perform the act’s grandest show to date at Japan’s iconic Tokyo Dome. From there, BabyMetal will embark on a world tour.

Check out the new video for “KARATE” above! To pre-order Metal Resistance, click here.

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