Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge is ready to take Uber and one of its drivers to court over a 2015 incident in which he claims he was injured. According to TMZ, Dragge is suing over medical expenses and lost wages incurred after he wiped out on his bike due to a crash with an opening door from an Uber vehicle.

The rocker tells TMZ that he was riding down Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach, Calif., when the doors of a red sedan suddenly opened. The guitarist says he smashed into the door, bounced off another car, then smashed to the ground. According to Dragge, the three girls in the vehicle got out and helped him, but the driver of the car split. The three girls claimed that the driver was at fault as he told them to get out of the vehicle even though he was stopped in traffic.

Dragge tore his meniscus and says he's going to need surgery that will keep him from touring for several months. He's suing to take care of the medical expenses and lost wages.

The guitarist has been playing with Pennywise, recently completing a three-night, three-album performance in Los Angeles and performing for a radio station crowd at the KROQ Red Bull Sound Space in L.A. Performances of "Bro Hymn" and "F--k Authority" from the latter performance can be seen below. The group has more dates scheduled into early June, including the three-night, three-album run of Pennywise, Unknown Road and About Time in San Diego. After June, the next date the band has scheduled is in September. See all of their scheduled shows here.

Pennywise, "Bro Hymn" (Live From KROQ's Red Bull Sound Space)

Pennywise, "F--k Authority" (Live from KROQ's Red Bull Sound Space)

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