It Is possible that the remains that were found at the site in Midland on West County Road 116 and South County Road 1227, at a tree farm where Midland County deputies and the FBI were working over the weekend,  are related to the missing persons case of two teenagers that went missing in October of 2015.

In a press conference today Sheriff Painter stated that some belongings of the teenagers were found in a search of the home they were last said to be at back in 2015.  The homeowner stated that the two were living with her and her live in boyfriend but that she woke up on the morning of October 10th and they and they’re things were gone.

According the the two teenagers were staying in a home in the 3900 block of South County Road 1200 #2 (pictured below in a google image from 2013) in Midland Texas, in 2015. When the police went to make a welfare check on the teenagers on October 25th 2015 the homeowner said they’d taken their belongings and left suddenly during the night of October 10th.  There has been no sign of them since, and the pair’s relatives in Puerto Rico havent heard from them since October 1st 2015.

Originally it was thought the pair simply left town.

The remains that were found on the morning of Sunday January 29th around 9am will be sent to a forensic anthropologist in Tarrant County to be identified and to find a cause of death.  According to CBS 7 authorities believe they will find another body at the same location later today. Sheriff Painter says individuals came forward with information leading them to search the area and that the owner of the property is not a person of interest.

You can find information on the missing teenagers on the Midland Crime Stoppers page, on, on the Texas DPS missing persons data base, NamUs and others by doing a simple search of Midland County however their names nor their images will be posted here out of respect to the families and the wishes Midland County Sheriff Painter.


2013 Google image of a pit on Midland TX tree farm
2013 Image of last known location of missing teens

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