Friday January 26th, 2018, Nico will be sleeping outdoors in a doghouse to raise awareness about the effect of cold on our pets. We’d also like to invite you to drop by Nico’s doghouse. It’s going to be set up starting at 6 pm right outside the El Paso Convention Center where the Spring Home and Garden Show and Pet Expo will be going on. We’re encouraging everyone to bring a donation of blankets or towels by as Nico braves the cold winter night. There are two reasons we’re asking you to do this.

One, all the donated blankets and towels will go to the Humane Society.

Two, they will be the only things saving Nico from the icy fingers of death! Nico will have only your donations to keep him from hypothermia and possible frostbite. So please, please, please bring by some donations. At least do it for the dogs.

We wanted to find out who on the MoSho could drink like a dog the best. In this video, we’re down to our two top finalists. It’s another Buzz vs. Brandon classic matchup!

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