Some people are protesting. Some are going to the doctor with anxiety attacks. I even have the feeling that some of his most vocal supporters are experiencing low-grade panic hoping that Trump doesn't screw things up. Everybody has an opinion about the surprising outcome of Election 2016.

Here are some takes on the the form of nursery rhymes.

Killlary, Shillary Trump

The American people are chumps

We all went to vote

And got punched in the throat

Killlary, Shillary Trump



Donnie Trumpie, puddin' and pie

Grabbed the girls and made them cry

Billy Bush then lost his job

That’s okay – he was kind of a knob



Baa Baa Black Folks

Here’s another risk

Soon all of the country

Will have "Stop and Frisk"



The itsy-bitsy Clinton
Climbed up the white pantsuit
All the Rust Belt voters
Tossed her down the chute
Up came the sun
She did not have a speech
So the itsy-bitsy Clinton
Waits for Trump to get impeached



Trump be nimble

Trump’s a prick

Trump’s an orange lunatic

Hillary’s was high

And Trump was low

Electoral College has got to go



Little Boy Orange come blow your horn

The new first lady looks like she could be in porn



Little Miss Muffet Sat on a Tuffet eating her curds and whey

Along came Donald Trump and grabbed her by her [expletive deleted]



Hey diddle diddle

His hands are so little

His face like an orange raccoon

Mexicans he’ll toss

While he’s burning his cross

Watch out or he’ll grab on your poon



Humpty Trumpty build that wall

Mexico will pay for it all

If they don’t

Then send Mike Pence

Down to build

A barbed-wire fence