It seems no matter what list you check, El Paso High School keeps coming in at the top of the lists for the most beautiful schools in America. El Paso High School is the oldest operating high school in the Lone Star state and it seems that many people love the beautiful, vintage look of the school. Since 1980, the school has been on the Register of Historic Places and looking at the structure you can clearly see why the school has made the list. And that's not the only list the school has been on! El Paso High is frequently seen topping the lists for the most beautiful and picturesque schools in the US. The website Insider recently made of list of the "Most Beautiful School In Every State" and El Paso High once again topped the list for the entire state of Texas.

To come up with this comprehensive list, Insider looked at Architectural Digest's lists for the most beautiful public and private schools, along with regional lists done by the magazine. They also looked at Southern Living's list of the South's most beautiful high schools. They took all of these lists, along with award winning school designs and opinions of which schools they believed had the most stunning and picturesque environments. Here's what Insider had to say about El Paso High School:

"Completed in 1916 by local architectural firm Trost & Trost, the Greco-Roman-influenced El Paso High School nods to ancient buildings like Athens' Parthenon and Rome's Portico of Octavia."

You can check out their entire list of the most beautiful schools in every state here.

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