Yay....I think. Lol how insane is it that I'm kind of excited about the DPS being open? I despise the DPS office. They are slow and often times very rude, not to mention, State Troopers have always been kind of rude to me. Except for that one time at the DPS in Big Spring. The Troopers over there were actually incredibly friendly and went above and beyond to be helpful...but I'm getting off track. NewsWest 9 posted a helpful link with all the details you need. here's the link they posted. https://www.newswest9.com/article/news/local/texas-drivers-license-offices-open/285-b5e81bdd-c393-4650-b78f-18d29a55ef36?fbclid=IwAR2N1EhKwtnsxebYD7qNzcHt6XDiUMtzJ8EQ9viXD1qin0GTWWIySdUw1h4