Because why would we want to hear humans growl, when these doggos invented the growl? There are some wacky metal bands out there right now that make you scratch your head and wonder, "why is this a thing?" Well, that is exactly how you're going to feel after you check out this new band- or dog date. Whichever seems more likely. Meet The Bubbas, a group of chihuahuas whose owners thought it was a good idea to have them start a metal band. Seriously. Or at least I hope they're serious. You can check out their new single "Who poo poo'd in my house?" and hear the true talent of a real growler on the mic. In case you were wondering, here are the members of the band:

Vocals- Frankus
Guitar- Kathy
Bass- Hattee Lew
Drums- Goose

The single is available now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon now. People are obviously enjoying the band since their Facebook has some great reviews from fans. One person wrote,

"I recently discovered The Bubbas after looking for something heavier and more brutal than Cannibal Corpse. They blow my mind with their incredible lyrics and instrumentals. I must admit to having a major crush on Hattee - it just goes to show you that plus size musicians are just as awesome as any other. The whole lineup is amazing and I can't wait to see them live when they next go on tour."

You can also follow the band on Facebook and Instagram. Rock on little doggies, rock on!

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