All I can say, a guy in Midland’s guard dog is better than yours!

Over the weekend, Jared Scott got a call from a neighbor telling him that he has one very dedicated guard dog.  He came home to find his faithful dog on the roof of his house.  However, he says he isn’t 100% sure how he got up there, he thinks he might have used a fence next to the house but even so, WOW!  I’m not in the business of robing houses but if I were that would definitely be a house I passed right on by.  By the way, how are dogs so agile?  I trip and fall on flat surfaces for no reason, I can’t imagine have not two but four legs to worry about on an angled surface 10-15 feet off the ground.


That spells trip to the emergency room for Tawny folks.


When I was young we found our dog in a tree in the back yard, apparently he had been up there all day because he was whining like a baby and I had to get a chair to get him down.  Yeah, chair, the limb he was stuck on wasn’t even that high up.


I wonder how many stories like this we’d find if we asked around?


Feel free to send us your pictures/stories of the weirdest places you’ve found pets. Also, we found a parakeet that had gotten out of his cage nesting in the cup of my mom’s bra one time, top that!



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