I am on a theme today, so the office is in the middle of our weight loss challenge as you may know from the last blog and there are so many different ways and ideas on how to lose weight.

For me personally it's all about counting calories and restricting myself from soda and candy but for others there is calorie counting there is portion control and with everyone there are different forms of exercise involved.

The exercise part of my program has been lacking, bot I need to visit the treadmill, and unfortunately no matter what diet you decide to jump on board with it's hard to avoid the fact that you need to exercise.

Exercise is the key that brings it all together for example one of my coworkers lost 10 pounds in a week and I lost 2 and guess who exercised?  Yes it makes me sad I would have like to have avoided that dreaded four letter word but if it's success you want you have to head to the gym, "collective sigh"