So I am in a little fued with our sister station KNFM Lonestar 92.3 and Gwen in the Morning about whether watermelon is truly a breakfast food.

I will concede that watermelon is fine for Brunch but not with your eggs, it seems very unnatural to me that while enjoying your eggs, bacon, toast and juice that you would also be enjoying a slice of cold watermelon?

Watermelon is a brunch food because you want something light to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch!  Look I love watermelon and I will admit that the best watermelon is from Texas hands down but for breakfast I must disagree.

Watermelon is to be enjoyed on a hot Summer afternoon while listening to the cicada in the background and reminiscing about the good old days not for the first meal of the day!

Watermelon for breakfast is suspect in my book!