With "black lives matter," "blues lives matter" and "all lives matter" very prominent in the news these days, Disturbed have posted a video on social media which shows their support for police. Even though the clip was created by the North Richland Hills Police Department back in March utilizing the band's powerful cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" as a soundtrack, the message is every bit as relevant today.

In the video description, the North Richland Hills Police Department writes, "This last year has been challenging for law enforcement as events across the Nation have highlighted the realities and dangers of wearing the badge. This past Saturday, we held our annual Police Awards banquet and as a tribute to the men and women who go out everyday, facing the possibility we may not come home, and also to honor their families who face the same fears, we put together this short video. The struggles we face on the street do not stop at the end of our shift. We never completely take off the mantle of police officer. But, with the support of our families and the community, we head back out each day."

The video shows members of the Texas city's police department not only in their professional environment, but also at home with their families and children as they prepare to go out for the day's work. The clip also shows the outpouring of support for a fallen officer amongst his peers as well as the local community.

Disturbed posted the video on their social media with the simple comment, "Moving," adding hashtags for #BlueLivesMatter and #TheSoundOfSilence. This isn't the only comment that Disturbed have made concerning the topic either. After the recent shootings of police officers in Dallas, the band taped a video message that can be seen below.

In it, David Draiman states, "We just want to send everybody our best wishes. I know it's been a tough time for the city of late. You lost some decorated boys in blue. Blues lives matter, all lives matter, black lives matter. It doesn't make a goddamn difference. Love each other. Be good to one another and hopefully we'll see better times soon. More peaceful times. Stay safe and stay Dallas strong." Watch the clip below.

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