Midland, Texas demonstrated that they're 'down with the sickness' Tuesday night when Disturbed rolled into the city for a killer performance.

According to David Draiman, Disturbed "popped the cherry" for the Horseshoe Arena as far as rock concerts go. Based on the insane turnout for the show and the band's stellar performance, it's safe to assume it won't be the last.

The show wasn't without its standout and funny moments, including when Draiman noticed a giant bra had been thrown onstage by an audience member. "Ladies and gentleman, just scope this over-the-shoulder boulder holder," Draiman told the crowd while holding up the bra, adding: "This woman's boobs are so big she could solve world hunger."

Later, Draiman handed the woman a t-shirt himself.

Check out KFMX's photos from the show in the gallery below, plus video of the bra moment.



    David Draiman Reacts to Girl Who Threw Bra Onstage

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