I rememer when I was a kid doing yard work wasn't something we did when we got punished or something we did for money, it was just something we did. Kids these days expect everything to be given to them without working for it but that' not how we roll in this house.  I'm not saying I'm the only parent making my kids do chores and such, I know I'm not, I just wish more would.

I almost lost my mind when I first explained to my eight year old that he would be doing chores from now on and he said, I shit you not, "but what are you going to do?". Don't worry folks, he's still with us. As put off and disappointed as I was it also made me realize I should've started earlier.

So parents put those kids to work. Teach them from a young age not to expect things and not to take advantage of anything.

Plus it's fun to watch them labor in the yard from the air conditioned house after one of them asks "but what are you going to do?".... Oh don't mind me I'm just in here hard at work paying bills and making sure you're alive...

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