"I'm not sure I'd necessarily be in Def Leppard had it not been for beer," remarks drummer Rick Allen in a new spot, hyping the band's association with Seattle's Elysian Brewing Company. Def Leppard have joined the growing ranks of bands who are branching out their brand by getting their own beer -- in this case the brand new Def Leppard Pale that's set to debut on May 23.

Def Leppard Pale is a brew that comes in at 6 percent ABV and will be available at most stops on the band's summer touring as well as in select bars and restaurants. Singer Joe Elliott told Billboard, “It tastes great – that's the most important thing I can tell you. I would pass on doing an interview about this if I didn't like it. That to me is the most important thing.”

He went on to add that he could see it becoming the band's go-to for beer, and not just because their name is on it. "We're not going to drink it just because we put our name on it. I don't walk around wearing our fucking t-shirt."

Elysian's Joe Bisacca stated, “We had the idea here that the beer should celebrate something of the band and something of us. The best of British beer is the malt body and that beautiful malt balance. And the best thing about American beer is the citrus, piney hops. So we’ve taken those two aspects, put them together and come up with a beer you can actually drink a few of -- 6 percent ABV you can drink all night long."

To help with the rollout, the band will not only have the beer available at their shows but they're planning to offer advance sales to local bars, pubs and restaurants in the week leading up to and just after their performances in the area. And if there is demand beyond that, Def Leppard Pale could eventually be stocked in chain stores.

As stated, the beer will make its debut on May 23, which is the band's second stop of their co-headlining tour with Journey. The show is in Albany, N.Y. at the Times Union Center. For more details on the beer itself and to find where it will be stocked, head here. And check out a trailer for the beer above.

Def Leppard Pale

Elysian Brewing Company
Elysian Brewing Company

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