Yogi Berra quotes never go out of style but it is the truth, Dallas and San Francisco have met in the postseason several times since 1970.

This weekend will be the 8th time Dallas and San Francisco have met in the postseason but the first time they have met in the Wild Card Round.

Dallas owns the postseason series 5-2 and the two have met 6 times in the NFC Championship and once in the Divisional Round of the playoffs back in 1972.

All Cowboys fans are preparing themselves for the constant highlights of the NFC Championship Game in the 1981 season when "The Catch" was caught by Dwight Clark from Joe Montana to begin San Francisco's rule of the 80s where they won 4 Super Bowls in the decade and was named the "Team of the 80s."

But that all changed in 1992 when Dallas beat San Francisco to advance to Super Bowl 27 and again in 1993 to go to back-to-back Super Bowls.

This year it is different though, there will be no Joe Montana or Steve Young throwing passes in San Fran, that is now the job of Jimmy Garappolo, and there will be no Danny White or Troy Aikman throwing passes for Dallas, that is now the job of Dak Prescott.

So it will be the same but different this go around and it will be the first game of the playoffs instead of the final game before the Super Bowl.

Hopefully, there will be a new "catch" or something that will make "The Catch" a distant memory and we can finally get past it, we will see this Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm on CBS.


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