Wow, talk about behind the times! I completely missed the memo that one of my favorite soda flavors of all time Big Red, is now a flavor of beer. I will always have my memories of a fried burrito, Doritos and a Big Red. If you have not tried this combination, don't walk, run to try it for yourself, you'll thank me later. Then they rolled out Big Red Zero not too long ago and even though for a time it was hard to find, because it was sold out everywhere, I finally got my hands on some to try it and I fell even more in love.

Cut to the end of last year when a San Antonio brewery gave us the gift of Big Red- flavored beer and aptly called it Big Rojo. (red in Spanish)

According to KSAT news out of San Antonio,

Islla St. Brewing created a craft beer called Big Rojo and introduced it to brewery members in June 2020. Word got out and several online Big Rojo releases sold out in just minutes.

The website also states that at the end of 2021, Big Rojo would begin to be sold in select HEB stores. Unfortunately none in this area. (Trust me I called around and asked. I was told local HEB'S don't carry it yet.)


For now you will either have to visit a San Antonio HEB location to get your hands on some Big Rojo or wait patiently for our local HEB's to make it happen.

Either way I long for the day I get to enjoy a barbacoa burrito with my Big Rojo!

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