We recently did a poll to find out who had the cutest pet on the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Buzz was not included because he would have actually had to get pictures of his dogs, which he was never going to do. That would involve thinking about work outside of the office.

We had five total entries. Joanna with two cats, myself with two dogs and Lisa with one dog. For awhile it was a heated competition between Joanna's Penny, and "my" Rocky. I put "my" in quotes because he's not really my dog, He's my wife's. Therefore mine, by proxy.

At one point Lisa's Tubby took the lead, all the while Chewie was hovering around third and fourth place. Poor Junior didn't stand a chance. There was only two cats in the competition, one of which has a face like a chimera. So, without further ado. Here are the results.

Cutest MoSho Pet

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