Let’s see…….

It’s easy to see why diligent, stable, skeptical of change and non-confrontational were used to describe me (or more so my profile) since what the program does is look at a few main areas;

How long the person has been in

  1. The position that they are in as far as their title goes, I.E. have they always been a “Customer Service Agent” or has their job title changed several times in the last few years?
  2. Their employer-Have they worked for the same company for more than a couple of years? Have they worked for the same type of company?

Place of residence

Have they lived in the same town forever or do they move every three years or so?  When they did move was it close by or cross country?


Me for example, I don’t jump companies very often, in fact I have only worked full-time for 3 different entities my whole life.  I was an insurance agent, then an on-air personality, then Concho. I stayed with the insurance agency for about 5 years, I still work for the radio company (14 years), and I’ve worked for Concho for about 6 years now.  My position never changed with the other two companies and it has only changed once here at Concho.

Staying in the same position and with the same industry and/or company are all traits of people who are diligent and stable,  to make the assumption that they are also likely skeptical of change and non-confrontational is a blanket assumption that 85% of the time proves to be accurate.  The program adds in a positive observation almost like a due diligence.  It’s like telling someone they are bossy, has to have things their way, overly dominant and very self-confidant.  Most people don’t want to hear that they are bossy and overly dominant but to say that they are very self-confident is something everyone wouldn’t mind hearing.  Even if we know it’s not true it makes us think “Hey, maybe they know something I don’t”, we want to believe it even if it’s not how the people who know us best would describe us.


I am many of the things this app describes, however the communication portion is off by a few thousand miles.  I don’t need anyone to take the lead in a conversation but I do like to give others the first opportunity to share since my profession as an on-air personality by nature means that 90% of the time I’m the one talking, sharing, leading, entertaining ect…  I like when people make positive observations about me or praise me for a job well done but everyone does and it’s not something I need to function in or out of a work environment.  Attentive and Thoughtful? No and No.  I’m not good at either, in a work environment or social setting, and not because I’m a jerk, it’s because I have the memory span of a gold fish and remembering anything past what color underwear (if any) I put on that morning is pretty much just not going to happen.

The point is, when you are playing around with apps like these that supposedly can tell what kind of a person you are based on your user profile don’t put too much stock in the outcome.

People can’t be put in boxes with labels.

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