Deadpool 2

So Tawny and I went to see Deadpool 2 last night. All I saw all weekend was people posting on Facebook how awesome the movie was and how Ryan Reynolds "nailed it".

As someone who has been a Deadpool fan since long before there was even a hope of there ever being a Deadpool movie, I have to say this. Ryan Reynolds made a good movie...not a good Deadpool movie. Anyone who's read a single Deadpool comic knows that this is not Deadpool.

I agree that Ryan Reynolds is THE perfect person to play Deadpool. Unfortunately, he dropped the ball. If you were looking for the same old story of a rebel with superpowers not wanting to be a hero but somehow being dragged into being the good guy, you could just re-watch Logan. That's not what Deadpool is supposed to be. DP is a mercenary. He's not a good guy. He's actually a complete asshole with split personalities who literally argues with himself and tries to bang everything that walks, but can barely ever get laid because he looks like a "testicle with teeth".

Ryan Reynolds pretty much made his own character, wrapped it in Deadpool decor, and never looked back at the characters story for reference. I know a lot of comic nerds are critical but in this case it really is hard to call this DP. I had so much hope at first when they killed his girl because it's hard to be a perv who hits on everything that walks when you're hung up on some girl.When they killed her I thought maybe this would send him over the edge, his split personality would develope as a result, and he'd be the lovable Deadpool currently in the movies along with the darker and perverted part of the character, but nope....Ryan completely ignored one of the most important aspects of the character that makes him unique. Sadly this is also the funniest thing about the character too so the cinematic Deadpool just didn't hit it's full potential.

Of course people who have no clue who Deadpool is, love the movies. They don't realize what they're missing. This character had unlimited comedic potential and it could have been reached had Reynolds just killed the damn girlfriend off and been done with it rather than keeping her around like a damn spirit guide who kept him from doing what DP does and going insane. Kill the Girlfriend, not the character dude.

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