Someone claiming to be from New Mexico has been sending creepy packages to young girls at their elementary schools. The FBI in the Southeast is now investigating. Parents of over 50 young girls in four Southeast states are on high alert after their daughters received suspicious packages sent to them at their schools. Jena Willingham's daughter received a strange package that included a half-eaten doughnut, $3 and a church bulletin. The creepiest part? A handwritten letter asking the young girl to email him "as soon as possible."

The sender claims to be a 14 year-old boy named Atur Bhuck, who says he is mentally disabled and a victim of bullying. He also says he is from New Mexico, saying in some letters from Roswell and in others from Santa Fe. He gives the girls two email address to contact him at and when the packages and their contents were turned over to investigators, they looked into the emails they traced them to an IP address in Houston. The same emails were used to ship the packages and were connected to inappropriate websites where they discussed girls underwear. No arrests have been made and the FBI said they are still investigating. They have now issued a "Southeast Predator Alert" and advise any parents who receive a package at home or if their child receives one at school to contact the authorities. Packages were sent to little girls in New Jersey, Alabama, South Carolina and Virginia. No packages have been sent to girls in Texas or New Mexico to the authorities knowledge.

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