It's the classic comic nerd question. Marvel VS DC. I just so happen to be a slight nerd myself so I have a pretty strong opinion on it.

I know Batman is everyone's favorite. I used to like him until DC wrote him winning against ridiculous foes. None of Batman's villains have ACTUAL superpowers and neither does he. I like that. I think Batman has the best villains in the comic world. That's a great concept. The issue I have with Batman is they wrote him to beat people like Superman. That's just lame writing. Every hardcore Batman fan will gladly give you the 45 minute explanation as to why that's possible but it takes me 2 seconds to explain why it isn't. Heat vision laser eyes....done.

...Because of this, I have to go Marvel. X-Men, Deadpool, Hulk, Spider-man, The Avengers...I think it speaks for itself.

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