I’ve lived in this area for a while, since my first year in high school in fact.  I’ve lived in Odessa and in Midland and when I was a teenager the place to take a date to was mini golf.  In Odessa there was a place that had mini golf and go karts too and for some reason I remember a great big slide that was never in use and then there was Sherwood Acres right across from the Ector County Coliseum.  My first date with my ex-husband was at the mini golf place in Midland over by C.J. Kelly park so I'm not at all bothered that it's gone, Little Woodrow’s is in the shopping center that’s there now.  Last summer when I was going on Field Trip Friday’s every week on the way back from the old empty convent in Stanton I passed what looked like an abandoned or possibly just closed mini golf place. This weekend Doc Brown and I were talking about how the weather was perfect for something like mini golf.  We both remembered that there was a place out off I-20 and we had some time to kill before Avengers: Infinity War at the drive in so we drove out to see if it was still open. Of course, it wasn’t. I think the closure was recent since their face book page has posts from last year.  I don’t get why places like that have disappeared from this area.  I love mini golf but as far as Midland/Odessa goes I suppose there’s only a hand full of us left who do.

I hope someone decides  to invest some time and money into opening something in this area that isn’t just a bar or restaurant, and who knows maybe this place is simply under construction.  Then of course the hope would be that the people of the community would do their part to keep it open.

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