We’ve seen an influx in celebrity-endorsed spirits of all kinds in the last few years.  Game of Thrones has their own White Walker Whiskey…however that doesn’t mean it’s any good.  These trendy liquor, wines and beers are also not normally a labor of love, that is the celebrity themselves normally don’t actually do anything when it comes to the making of the products.  Not the case with everyone however.  Apparently Shawn Crahan, a.k.a. “Clown” from Slipknot, actually blended No. 9’s two expressions-No. 9 and No. 9 Reserve of Slipknot’s very own brand of whiskey.  Named after the number of band members, the whiskey is putting Iowa whiskey on the map and is said to be the best liquid distilled there, according to Fred Minnick of Tasting Notes.  He even said that if Clown decided to give up his musical career, he may just have a shot as a whiskey blender.  As I read the description of the No. 9, 90 proof whiskey ($39.99) I was ready to throw some in a glass…

Quite floral, honeysuckle and lily hints. Corn and caramel, cornbread, jalapeno, apply butter and a lil charred marshmallow and maybe just a hint of chocolate on the end.  Damn y’all! Yes please!

The whiskey’s will be available nationwide starting in August.

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