The Dallas Cowboys have always been my favorite team, but I had one cousin that was really into football and the Cowboys. He would wear his Cowboys helmet during games and his entire room was decorated in their gear.

It's sometimes hard to understand what makes people tick. Unless that person is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, then they are pretty easy to read.

Living in Texas I have seen just about anything you can imagine with a Dallas Cowboys logo on it. I've even seen more than one Ford F150 with NFL stickers and airbrush artwork in the Walmart parking lot, but I've never seen a Dallas Cowboys-themed horse in the store. This is just next level.

See This Cowboys Themed Horse Take A Stroll Though An Arlington, Texas Walmart

This guy wasn't just riding any old horse through the Walmart. This was a massive, white, draft horse.

Plus it was decorated from head to toe in the Dallas Cowboys colors. There is even blue hair spray in the tail.

The man on the horse wasn't identified in the video, but he was very obviously a Dak Prescott fan by the big number 4 jersey on his back.

Cowboys Keep Winning And Fans Might Go Even Further In Texas

Currently the Dallas Cowboys are rated 4th in The NFC East. Winning against the Cincinnati Bengals has put some fresh wind in their sails.

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If you are always rooting for an underdog, you might just identify as a Dallas Cowboys fan. Few would ever hope to achieve this level of fandom. Check out the video below.

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