Crime happens everywhere including here in the state of Texas. It doesn't make sense to me because just about everyone here has a gun and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect themselves, their family, and their property but vehicle theft is something that we all need to watch out for because it happens. But I did take the time to look at the numbers from the National Insurance Crime Bureau to see what are the most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas and it seems like pick-ups are hit hardest.

It was Texas and California that have the most pick-ups stolen, but it's not only pick-ups that are stolen. The top 10 most stolen vehicles list is distributed for each state and the top four vehicles on the list for the state of Texas are all pick-ups. Then the list gets into more cars and a large SUV made the list as well.

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The Top 2 Most Stolen Vehicles Are Drastically Higher Than the Others

If you combine the top 2 most stolen vehicles for Texas you're over 17,700 pick-ups, but the third most stolen vehicle is less than 3,000. So, if you have one of the top 2 vehicles, which both happen to be pick-ups you will want to be extra careful to lock your vehicle every time you get out of it.

Easy Tips to Reduce Vehicle Theft in Texas

We all know that we shouldn't leave our keys in our vehicle, but remember to lock your vehicle always. Also, if you don't have remote start don't start your vehicle and walk away even for a short period it only takes seconds for your vehicle to disappear.

Here is a look at the 10 most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas.

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Texas

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau here are the 10 most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas.

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