There is always bad blood between Tech and Texas and I have to say, it's kind of ridiculous.

A lot of the things I'm going to point out are not positive, but if you've lived in Lubbock for any length of time, you know I'm basing all of this on history. I will also say that the bad things could be cured with a little sportsmanship, but there's something about the University Of Texas that boils the blood of the Red Raider faithful.

The Field Will Be Stormed If We Win

I still don't understand storming the field, or why it's allowed. It seems like it creates a dangerous situation, plus what have you don't to deserve to be on that field? I realize many of you spend the cash on tickets, merch, and do whatever you can to support the team, but I believe that turf should be reserved for the guys who put actual sweat and blood into it.

Some Texas Fans Will Claim To Be Attacked

This is a recurring thing and it shouldn't be. I know saying that "it's just a game" will hold no water with uber-fans, so just try to remember that Texas fans are our guests, as well as being moms, dads, brothers, and friends of the players. I'm sure in some Tech fans minds any sign of burnt orange means an invading force, but it's just football fans.

Garbage Will Be Thrown On The Field

Even the Tech coach has taken the time to point out that throwing bottles on the field is not a tradition. This also includes throwing bottles, trash, or whatever at the opposing team, band, and fans. Just think of the Longhorns as "not good enough for your trash" and don't throw any.

The Drunkeness Will Be Epic

The only way Broadway and other portions of town won't be a giant mess is if we lose badly enough that everyone just goes home. Since we don't want that to happen, how about a little self-control? Okay, I'm not even going to try here. Some people will get very out-of-control and nothing I type here will help.

You Will Never, Ever Hear The End Of It

If Tech wins, whether it's by 1 point, 50 points, in double-overtime, or for any reason, it will be an actual "win for the ages". Tech has not won against U.T. since 2017 and harbors many personal grudges against the Longhorns (especially after the perceived "theft" of the Red Raiders basketball coach).

Be safe out there this weekend and Wreck 'em Tech!

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