In a strange Twitter rant, the 80's child star says Marilyn Manson's terrifying stage accident was a "publicity stunt."

Marilyn Manson had a really rough weekend. After he broke his ankle on Friday night, Manson then got squished by a large stage prop of two pistols that fell after he attempted to climb it. Video was released of both incidents, showing how they 1- happened; and 2- were real. Apparently, that wasn't good enough for former child actor Corey Feldman. In an epic Twitter rant, Feldman accused Manson of saying he injured himself as a publicity stunt. No response yet from Manson, but you can check out Feldman's Twitter rant below:


After, Feldman continued to argue with Manson's fans, as well as other people on his Twitter. You can check out more of his statements, which get pretty weird, on his Twitter page. This may be a good time to mention that Manson's album sales aren't in yet, mostly because it hasn't gone on sale yet. Heaven Upside Down, Manson's new album, goes on sale this Friday, October 6th.

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